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"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way

- things I had no words for."

Georgia O'Keeffe

Requiem for a Broken Star



In the nineteen thirties Modernist artists and writers responded to the rise of totalitarianism as portents for the eventual outcome that devastated Europe. As an echo across the years to them, this project of poem-paintings is a response and reflection. 

Meanwhile I lament the broken star that is my country today. Leaving the clock of twelve stars is a partition from the other twenty-seven that gather beneath it.

Redacted sections of text from my poems are commentary about freedom of speech alluding to censored letters from soldiers in war zones. What the original poems say is now unknown so meaning is open to new interpretations.


The artwork uses two of my acrylic paintings digitally reorganized, by colour, cropping and redesign, thus diverting away from the original statements. The black and white starkness of the poems pay homage to those Modernists whose work foreshadowed the impending conflict, in vain.  

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Colonial Caballo

Practice-as-research exhibition

January 2020

This gallery is not the entire

collection of art work. Some pieces

have been withheld for now and will be shown at a later date. This delay is due to writing commitments and Covid.

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1 Sun Dancer Spain.JPG


Responses to memorials

Digital paintings - 2016

World War I into II
Animal Memorial 1
Animal Memorial 2
Animal Memorial 3
Alberta (Internment)
Little Big Horn
Vietnam 1
Vietnam 2

The artwork for this gallery is created from my own photographs of all the sites featured, with WWI and WWII memorabilia from my private collection


The horse with the poppy in "WWI into WWII" is a Spanish Mustang mare called Niniaistako's Sun Dancer (aka Sunny).

The Return of the Artist

Mixed media 

Revised gallery - 2014


Curtain Up - Horses Dancing
Sea Horses - sketch 1
Taboo 2013
À la Recherche de Moi Perdue
Ghost Horses
Coyote Man
The Journey
Vertical Timeline

Heritage, Legacy & Culture

Digital paintings - 2014

Heritage @ Warriors
Legacy @ All Roads
Legacy @ Few Words
Legacy @ This World
Culture @ Our Masks
Culture @ In Homelands
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