“Write what should not be forgotten.”

Isabel Allende

GALERIE will be four novellas including 'Under the Eclipse' as the first one. Each as a stand-alone story but connected by place and time. Each novella is one year in and around Paris during World War II.

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Paris, 1941 -

On a cold December night an art curator and amateur artist, witnesses something unimaginable on the street below his apartment balcony. Shocked, he reaches for his sketch book and draws from memory what he has just seen. A middle-aged widower, he has avoided confrontation with the Nazis but the incident on the street changes his perspective for resistance over the following months

'The Defiant Palette' is the second novella in the GALERIE collection.

First draft completed.

The final two novellas in the collection will take place in 1943 and 1944. 

Outlines written for two new novels.

Now for the research.

Bodies in Conflict

Corporeality, Materiality and Transformation

edited by Paul Cornish and

Nicholas J Saunders


Warrior Bodies in Ambiguous Conflict  -

Remembering Vietnam with Blackfeet Memories by Sarah Farman


Published by Routledge, 2013