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"What makes photography a strange invention is that its primary raw materials are light and time."

John Berger

The photograph albums are diaries of places stayed or lived in, visited, remain even if in abstract. Some photographs are used digitally as part of the process to create a digital painting. Repeated images recall past work in printmaking - etching, linocut and silkscreen. Using photographs to create textures for backdrops [wallpapers] harks back to days of rolling materials into soft ground on a copper plate. Internal lines and outlines recall silkscreen and layers the random looseness  of printing lino on a large Columbian press. The practice of learning to cut away, dispose of, to reduce remains. Less is more.

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White and Dark


Walking in snow in the dark. Where the white meets the dark at some distant vanishing point.

White and its ghostliness inspires my love of snow. I miss the snows of Alberta. I never knew nor understood a feeling for snow until I lived there.

Dark is the mystery and the magic of early morning walks at five a.m. with dogs under  starlit skies.

White and dark – positive and negative. Such is life.

The Alberta Series


Autumn Sunset (2005)
October Sunrise (2005)
Land Ice
Snow Wheels
Snow Tree
Cameron Lake (May 2005)
Summer Sunset (2005)
Field Wheels
Shadow Dog (2008)
Yellow Field
River Wood

Living on the prairie I witnessed earth, air, wind and fire dictated by the seasons and the weather. The rippling vastness of snow that looked like a giant, white ocean, fiery skies, the summer landscape, mountain rivers, the rustling colours of autumn. It is a place where buffalo once roamed and were hunted by the first people to ever see and traverse this land. Now etched in my memory it is an image that will go with me when I die.

Blackfeet Country


Rez South Entry
Once Were Buffalo Hunters
St Michaels Cemetery, Browning, MT
St Michaels Cemetery, Browning, MT
St Michaels Cemetery, Browning, MT
St Michaels Cemetery, Browning, MT
Swift Dam
Bear Creek Massacre site [Baker Massacre]
Woody Kipp
John Ground III
Joe Bear Running Crane
Joe Bear Running Crane
Dwight Billedeaux
Vietnam Veterans Honour Guard (2007)
Stick Game - Veterans
Stick Game - Crazy Dogs
Heart Butte Indian Days Parade (2007
Heart Butte Indian Days Parade (2007
Heart Butte Indian Days Parade (2007
Heart Butte Indian Days Parade (2007
Medicine Lodge
Cynthia Kipp (2007)
Darnell Rides At The Door
Sculptures Rez South Entry

In what remains of your country, your land, I heard the beating heart of a people who are still here. Seeing before me the histories, distortions, ambiguities, conundrums, consequences of actions past and present, changed my eyes. I did  not say goodbye - to not return is impossible. With gratitude always.

Carnevale - Venice

February 2004

Blue, Purple and Turquoise Woman
Winter Gondolas
Venezia 1
Venezia 2
Masks 1
Masks 2
Two Masks
Comedy Mask Murano
Orange Wig and Blue Veil
Pink Costume
Gold Stripe Couple

A birthday trip for Amy. Carnevale added colour, drama and frivolity to the February drizzle. At a cafe in St Mark's Square I drank coffee beneath an awning absorbing one of the jewels of European heritage and wondered if I could leave this to go to Canada. Yet I did.

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