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Farman-Arts is the hub for interconnecting business, creative and research projects

My research field is Contested Material Culture in Conflict Places.


A decade of field work in the American and Canadian West has created archives of recorded, filmed and photographic material.

Some of this research was taken to postgraduate level as a practice-as-research art exhibition in 2020.

The framework of the M. Research Creative Writing project is a novella set in Paris during the Occupation of World War II.

The creation of the FARMAN-ARTS Virtual Museum will be the depository for all my research and visual arts traversing more than forty years.

The FARMAN-ARTS Virtual Museum

Where Journeys Meet ..........

Database - Archives - Galleries

Construction delayed due to prioritising creation of new digital database in Montana where my Blackfeet research will be deposited.

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New name, new website

Celebrating 20 years (2001-21)

Research - Education - Promotion

*American Heritage Horse Conservancy

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