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Practice-as- Research Exhibition


Paintings, Installation, Catalogue Book

and Resources 

WSA Gallery


Winchester School of Art

January 2020



Spanish Mustang -

Contested Icon of the American West

A concept for a research project metamorphosed into several strands as multi-layers somehow so symbolic of the American West. To live and breathe this iconic and unique region only ever creates more ambiguities, conundrums and dilemmas as the past impacts in the present.

The American West is a place of diverse opinions - often clashing - as personal perceptions of histories and outcomes differ, collide, then meet in places of conciliation or compromise.

Caught up in both the histories and modernity are the horses. The creation of the Spanish Mustang as a breed with foundation registry has brought a vital conservation of a remnant of the Spanish Conquest as living history yet, invited in the controversies causing divisions about origins and beliefs, 


The creative practice led this research into the context of an exhibition environment with a catalogue as book, paintings, installation and reference resources.


Resource and Reference Gallery

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