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The great film editor is not a cutter, he's a storyteller, right?

Ridley Scott

Audio-postcards are a new strand to my creative practice bringing some of my artwork and storytelling together.

I call them 'Audio-Postcards' as they are short extracts of my writing. They are glimpses into the narrative as is a postcard from a place and/or an event.

A research job in Canada introduced film as a new medium to work in. Initially this entailed making filmed interviews as part of a university social history project from 2005 to 2007 on the Blackfeet reservation, Montana, USA. At this time I lived just north over the border in Alberta, Canada (2005-2010).

I interviewed a group of women elders and combat veterans in the tribe that will now contribute to a digital database by some of the Blackfeet tribe I worked with.

During research for the exhibition COLONIAL CABALLO (January 2020) I added to my skill set by learning Adobe After Effects with a tutor from the University of Winchester Film and Media department. The outcome  was a protoype video using visual and textual assets from the research. More avenues have now opened for my artwork and methods for adaptation digitally and creatively.

The audio-postcards are part of the pathway towards making book trailers combining skills and techniques gained from the Canadian research to learning After Effects for my practice-as-research.

Slideshow below + synopsis from my novel completed August 2020.



Click on video volume for sound then use up and down arrows on

keyboard to adjust level.

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